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If you’ve bought ads before, chances are you contacted a specific publisher, like a website, and asked to place an ad on their website. One ad, one website.

Yidooah’s Homepage Article offers a unique advertising opportunity: buy an ad once and get it placed on multiple websites. This means more exposure for you, with less work – you create an ad just once, and get access to a much larger audience than any single website can offer.

A news-style ad that appears on the homepages of some of the biggest Jewish websites (other than Yeshiva World, which is a separate product) and links to a destination of your choice.

You are able to set this article to distribute impressions and views over a designated time period of your choice.

This article appears on mobile and desktop devices.

Impressions Pricing

Your ad will appear alongside several other ads, each linking to different places. At any given point, there could be a number of websites your ad is appearing on, since its distribution is not linked to a single site, but to a network of sites.

Ads are priced per impression – every time your ad loads on the page, that’s an impression, and these get sold 1,000 at a time. So $6 CPM, for example, gives you 1,000 loads on a page for $6. Out of all these loads, a percentage will click through to your site. CPM pricing ensures you get exactly what you paid for – if your ad didn’t load, you don’t pay.

Easy Ad Management

Creating a Yidooah ad is a very simple process that doesn’t require a graphic artist. Simply come up with a few creative headlines and plain images that don’t have any graphics on them, and tell the system where you want visitors to go when they click on the ad.

Using the dashboard, you’ll have full control over what sites the ad appears on, when the ads should run, and see which version of your ad is running best. We’ve made the process of creating

This ad can be seen at the following placements: (Arutz Sheva)