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If you are a content publisher with your own website, you know how important ad revenue is for monetizing your site and adding to the sustainability of your business.

But one of the biggest concerns with general advertising platforms is their appropriateness for a Jewish audience. Even if you filter out entire categories that you do not want to see on your site, it is impossible to guarantee that no inappropriate content makes its way through.

It becomes an endless game of cat and mouse, and your reputation and your reader’s sensibilities are negatively impacted along the way.

Yidooah is the leading provider of kosher, moderated ads for website owners, allowing you to monetize your mind with peace of mind, knowing that all ad content is specifically geared towards religious audiences.

An example of Yidooha’s Inner Page ad

Yidooah offers a variety of ad choices to choose from, offering a range of placement options and monetization opportunities to suit a variety of needs.

An example of Yidooha’s mobile popup ad

These include:

  • Homepage articles – sponsored posts that appear on the homepage of your site
  • Inner page articles – sponsored posts that appear below your article content
  • Mobile popup – an ad that pays a premium for boldly sharing an advertiser’s message as a popup on mobile devices (can be easily dismissed by readers)
  • Video banner – play kosher video ads on your site
  • 300 x600 banner – a big bold banner for your website’s sidebar
  • 300 x 250 banner – a timeless classic for a variety of placements

All Yidooah’s ads pay via CPM, meaning the more traffic you get, the more money you make.

Contact Yidooah today to learn how to start making additional revenue from your site through strategic ad placements that seamlessly fit your site and readership needs.